1. To apply to the Sustaining Peace Master Programme it is required to have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree by 12 November 2018.

2. Throughout the application process, the following documents will be required. Please, prepare them in advance. All documents should be in JPG or PDF format:

    • A scanned copy of a valid ID document (e.g. identity card or passport).
    • Your latest academic degree (or academic transcript if the degree has still to be completed). Note: applicants who do not have an Italian undergraduate or postgraduate degree are required to submit a “statement of comparability - university qualifications” obtainable online through the CIMEA website or a statement of value (i.e. “Dichiarazione di valore”) issued by the relevant Italian Embassy or Consulate.
      • Please, be aware that the release of the statement of comparability may require up to 30 working days and the service is subject to a fee;
      • It is still possible to apply to and participate in the Sustaining Peace Master Programme while awaiting for the statement to be issued. Nevertheless, it should be noted that if, for any reason, the statement is not issued by November 2019, the University of Turin will not be able to award the Post Graduate Certification (First Level Master) at the end of the Master Programme and fees already paid will be forfeited. It is therefore highly advisable to apply to the Sustaining Peace Master Programme after having obtained either the statement of comparability from CIMEA or the statement of value from the Italian Embassy or Consulate.
    • An up to date CV or P11 (form available here).
    • A motivation letter.
    • A scanned copy of your “Codice Fiscale” (i.e. Italian fiscal code/social security number). Note: if you do not have an Italian fiscal code/social security number, please contact to request one.
    • OPTIONAL: certificates proving English fluency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, CPE);

3. Create a personal account on the University of Turin web portalNote: please select “Registration for foreign users” to access the English version of the registration form.

4. Once registration is completed go to and login with your new credential (the login button is in the top-right corner). That      will open your MyUnito page. Select “Enrolments” from the top menu, and proceed to provide your personal data and upload the requested documents.

5. The results of the selection process will be published on Wednesday 14 November 2018 and available through your MyUnito page. Afterwards, you will be requested to pay the first installment of the tuition fee to confirm your participation.


A maximum of 40 participants can be admitted to the Programme. In case that more than 40 valid applications will be received, a selection will take place on the base of on academic excellence, professional experience, motivation, and other criteria approved by the Scientific Committee of the Master Programme. In the selection process, the Scientific Committee will also take in consideration an even distribution of participants according to gender and background.

Please note that a minimum number of 12 participants are required to launch the Master Programme.


In order to ensure a more equal access to the Programme, tuition fees will be differentiated as follows:

  • 2,000 EUR for applicants who are former students that have graduated not earlier than one year prior the starting of the Programme.
  • 5,000 EUR for applicants who are professionals or are not included in the above category.

The University of Turin will be in charge of collecting fees from participants in two or three installments:

  • First installment (571 EUR) to be paid between 15 November and 30 November 2018;
  • Second installment (1,429 EUR) to be paid by 31 March 2019;
  • Third installment (3,000 EUR) to be paid by professionals only by 30 June 2019.


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