The University of Turin is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian Universities and is today one of the largest. Open to international research and training, it carries out scientific research and organizes academic programmes in all disciplines, except for Engineering and Architecture. It is an integral part of the community, acting for reviving urban and suburban areas, promoting cultural interaction, social integration and development, encouraging dialogue and insight into current realities. The University of Turin has a remarkable research tradition in traditional subjects such as history, philosophy, law, economics and medicine but it is currently branching out into important modern sectors, such as food science, social politics, IT, performing arts and communication sciences.

The University makes an active stand on a number of social issues, such as environment, drugs, equal opportunities and rights of people with special needs. It also acts at an international level through partnership arrangements with India, China, developing countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Area and with a number of international organizations operating in the region.

Within the University of Turin, the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (CPS) carries on research and training focusing on social sciences, with a strong interdisciplinary approach. Both theoretical and applied research are developed within the Department thanks to the multiplicity of methods and paradigms characterizing the scientific fields represented.

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