The United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) is the leading learning institution of and for the UN system. With its headquarters in Turin, UNSSC delivers training programmes and provides a space for learning to UN staff at all levels, in all functions and locations.

Governed by a Board chaired by the Chef de Cabinet of the UN Secretary-General, the UNSSC is uniquely positioned above institutional silos to transmit key principles and concepts underpinning the global policy framework and to contribute to the multiple reform efforts the UN has embarked on to address today’s challenges and harness opportunities. To this end, beyond bringing together UN staff from across the system through its learning and training offerings, the UNSSC’s comparative advantage lies in its ability to provide an inter-agency perspective based on its wide and varied engagement with different entities within the UN and beyond.

Within the UNSSC, the Peace, Security and Humanitarian Action Programme aims to equip UN staff and relevant partners with the necessary capacities and skills to contribute to the implementation of the 2016 Sustaining Peace resolutions. In particular, the team’s mission is to leverage internal and external expertise to enable the UN system and its partners to operate in complex environment and to effectively support state and societal actors to reinforce systems that sustain peace and prevent the outbreak, continuation, and escalation and recurrence of violent conflict.

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